Multi Use Professional Inflatable Airbag Pump Wedge Car Opener Kit Unlock Tool Adjustable

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Adjustable airbag pump, access tool for opening car doors and other functions such as levelling doors, windows and other tasks on construction sites, also lifting household appliances, cabinets and any furniture of home.


  • Car Door Dent Repair and Removal Kit.
  • The TAURUS kit is an access tool for opening car doors and emergency unlocking, an excellent tool for anyone who works in security.
  • Inserts itself between the door and its frame, harmlessly opening the door just enough so that the long-reach tool can enter and unlock the car from the inside quickly, easily and without damage.
  • Multi-purpose professional safety wedge for levelling, adjusting, positioning, lifting, pushing, holding or pressing objects into place during installation on cars, houses, doors, windows and other construction site tasks.
  • Inflatable airbag pump suitable for home use, easy and safe to use to lift refrigerators, washing machines, appliances, cabinets, and any furniture at home more economical and convenient.
  • Suitable for construction sites Filling gaps to isolate sound.


  • Bag measures 12" x 6 inches (30 x 15 cm approx.)
  • Reinforced sides when deflated
  • Supports up to 500 LB (225 Kg approx.)
  • Comes with professional car opener kit.

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