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Color: Black
Size: Medium
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Touch screen material on fingers tips designed for smart phones and touch screen device.
Heavy duty gloves to protect from sporting activities.
Adjustable Velcro for perfect fit.
Anti-slip material in the palm for better grip.
Reinforced carbon fibre knuckle area.
Extra light weight.
Breathable fabric.

How to choose sizes?

Please check the sizing chart below as a guide to choose the best size. The measurements show in the table are the real glove's width and length for each size. Please measure your hand and choose a size based on the glove’s measurements.

Width is measured right below the knuckles. 

Length is measured from the base of the Palm (where it meets the wrist) to the top of the middle finger.

Glove Size Width Length
M 11cm 18.5cm
L 11.5cm 19cm
XL 12cm 19.5cm
XXL 12cm 21cm

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