50 Sheets Iron Heat Transfer Paper A4 For Cotton T-Shirt Dark Fabrics Inkjet

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Instant dry, Less ink absorption.
High Brightness.
Vivid Colour Quality.


Suitable for Inkjet printers.
Used on all kinds of fabrics with more than 50% cotton material.
A4 size : 210mm*297mm.
Light transfer paper thickness: 140gms.
Dark transfer paper thickness: 180gms.
Light heat transfer paper with red grid used for white color clothing.
Dark heat transfer paper  with blue grid used for other color clothing.
Store paper in a cool and dry place.

What you need:

Dark/Light transper paper sheet
Inkjet printer
A flat, hard and smooth surface to iron on
Iron. Use a quality iron and avoid using small portable/travel iron. For more profesional finish use a heat press machine
T Shirt or any other cotton fabrics such as baseball caps, boxer shorts, cotton napkins, cloth-covered mouse -pads, etc
Dark Transfer Only: Greaseproof paper (There is one sheet included for every 5 sheets of Dark Transfer Paper)


Wait 24 hours before washing the T-Shirt or fabric for the first time after applying the transfer.
Recommend to wash by hand to maintain the quality of the printing in the garment.
While not recommended, if using a washing machine wash the T-Shirts/Fabrics inside out with water temperatures no more than 30°C on a gentle cycle and do not tumble-dry.
Do not use aggressive detergents or bleach.
Avoid ironing directly over the transferred image. Iron from the back of the fabric.
Dark Transfer Only: To revitalize brightness you can iron the transferred image again with the greaseproof paper for a few seconds and peel the paper off after cooling.

Dark Transfer Instructions

Dark Fabric Printing:

Select normal printing mode and best print quality for better resolution. DO NOT USE MIRROR MODE  for dark transfer paper
Recommended to use the printer's single feed
Print the desired motif/picture on a normal paper first to check color and size are correct before printing on the transfer sheet. Skip this step if you are familiar with the process.
Print the motif on the unprinted coated side of the transfer paper.
Leave printed transfer paper to dry for approximately 5 minutes before transferring.
Cut out the motif/picture borders without leaving a margin around the edges.
Peel off the transfer film from the base paper.

Dark Fabric Transferring:

Preheat Iron to the highest temperature setting for approximately 2 minutes. If using a heat press machine recommended to preheat at 180°C
Do not use steam function.
Briefly iron the fabric to ensure that is completely smooth.
Place the transfer film onto the T-Shirt or fabric with the printed image facing upwards. Remember to peel-off the backing or base paper.
Cover the transfer film with the included grease-proof paper with the glossy side facing down (1 grease-proof paper for every 5 transfer sheets)
Iron the transfer film evenly with slow circle movements, applying moderate pressure. Make sure to iron from edge to edge and ensure to heat evenly over the entire area including the edges.
Iron for 20 to 30 seconds for small images and a maximum of 2 minutes for images taking the entire A4 sheet.
Allow the transfer film to cool down for at least 2 minutes, then peel off the grease-proof paper in a smooth even movement. (you can reuse the grease-proof paper several times, if there is no ink left on it)

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